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USB Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, & Instruments
System boards and related components that are perfect for illustrating the foundations of analog design. Includes the powerful Electronics Explorer Board, an all-in-one circuit design station powered by intuitive software and priced for students.

Interested in using one of our Analog Design products in your classroom? You can request a sample by emailing

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Analog Discovery
Developed with Analog Devices
  • A complete, all-in-one analog design kit for the price of a textbook!
  • Two 100 MSPS, 5 MHz differential oscilloscopes
  • Two 100 MSPS, 5 MHz waveform generators
  • Two fixed power supplies
  • 16-channel logic analyzer
  • Trigger in and trigger out
  • USB-powered (cable included)

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  • Designed exclusively for use with our Analog Design products
    (Analog Discovery, Electronics Explorer, etc.)
  • Easy to use graphical interface for all hardware instruments
  • Powerful multi-triggering options
  • Import/Export file options for all instruments
  • PC-based virtual Input/Output devices
  • AC/DC coupling, +/- 20V input range, realtime FFT and XY functions data display (FFT, XY, Zoom and others), data export in multiple formats

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NI Multisim & NI Ultiboard (NI Circuit Design Suite)
  • Intuitive Schematic Capture Environment
  • Library of 14,000+ Devices
  • Interactive Components and 3D Devices
  • 20+ Measurement Instruments
  • Industry Standard SPICE Analyses
  • Printed Circuit Board Development
  • Multisim diagrams can be exported to raw VHDL for use with Basys, Nexys, and other Digilent platforms
  • Students & Educators: This suite can be bundled with our Analog Discovery, Electronics Explorer, Basys2, Nexys2, Nexys3, or Nexys4 FPGA boards for only $9.95!

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MXP Breadboard for NI myRIO

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MXP Wirewrap for NI myRIO

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myParts Kit from Texas Instruments
  • Provides an ideal collection of basic electronic components
  • Perfect for students and learning engineers
  • Enables students to experiment with real-life applications in areas such as power management, audio amplification, motor control, signal conditioning, data acquisition, and more
  • A perfect complement to the NI MyDAQ, NI ELVIS, and Digilent's Electronics Explorer

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Analog Parts Kit
  • Large selection of components designed to create a wide variety of useful experiments & devices
  • Includes transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, sensors, and more
  • Also includes a variety of useful ICs like Op Amps, convertors, and regulators
  • Comes with an assortment of lead wires, a solderless breadboard, and a screwdriver
  • Educators: This kit can be bundled with an Analog Discovery for $15 off!
  • Students: This kit is free if you purchase an Analog Discovery. Just paste your academic email address into the 'Notes' box when you're checking out!

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Analog Discovery BNC Adapter Board
  • Allows the use of standard BNC-terminated test leads & probes on your Analog Discovery
  • Selectable AC and DC coupling to oscilloscope probes
  • Selectable 50-ohm or 0-ohm output impedance on Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) channels
  • When using the Discovery BNC, the Discovery's differential inputs are no longer differential: Instead, they become single-ended with the negative input connected to ground.

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BNC Oscilloscope Probes (pair)
  • BNC-terminated
  • Selectable 1X/10X input attenuation
  • Contraction hook tip
  • 12cm ground clip
  • Localization sleeve adapts to IC testing

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Electronics Explorer Board
  • All-in-one circuit design station powered by WaveForms™ software
  • 4-channel, 40MSa Oscilloscope
  • 4-channel voltmeter
  • 2 programmable reference voltages
  • 2-channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Triple-Output Power Supply (two programmable)
  • 32-Channel Logic Analyzer
  • 32-Channel Pattern Generator
  • Discrete digital I/O’s (buttons, switches, LEDs, etc)

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Autorange Digital Multimeter (MS8217)
  • Measures AC/DC, V/A, resistance, temperature, capacitance, frequency
  • Auto/manual range, data hold, auto Power-off
  • Mechanical / electric protection system
  • Tilt back stand with test leads holder
  • Conforms with IEC 1010 CAT II 1000V

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Compact Autorange Digital Multimeter (MS8216)
  • Measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency
  • Auto/manual range, data hold, auto power-off
  • Compact size: Measures just 110 x76 x11 mm
  • Conforms with IEC1010-1 CAT III 300V, CAT II 600V

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