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Cerebot 32MX4

Microchip® PIC32MX460F512L 32-bit MIPS processor
8 x 12-pin Pmod™ headers
1 x 6-pin Pmod™ header
8 x R/C servo connectors
USB port
2 x SPI ports
2 x I2C ports
Program using MPLAB via onboard programming circuit
  • 80 MHz 32-bit MIPS processor
  • 512K Flash, 32K RAM
  • USB Program / Debug Interface
  • USB OTG Host/Device Capable
  • USB Powered
  • 16 channel, 10-bit, 500ksps A/D converter
  • Five 16-bit timers with 5 input capture and 5 PWM outputs
  • Onboard Buttons and LEDs
  • All I/Os ESD & Short-Circuit protected
Note: The Cerebot 32MX4 has been replaced by the chipKIT Pro MX4.

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Support Documents:

Doc # Date Categories Description  
500-173 4/13/11 Product Documentation Cerebot 32MX4 Schematic Download
502-173 8/26/11 Product Documentation Cerebot 32MX4 Reference Manual Download
DSD-0000265 9/14/09 Demonstration Project Reference Designs Cerebot™ 32MX4 LED Demo. This demo provides an example of how to debounce the on-board push buttons and how to drive the on-board LEDs. It also demonstrates how the Pmod8LD can be used as a binary counter. Download
DSD-0000267 10/02/09 Reference Designs
This design demonstrates the use of the eight servo ports on the Cerebot 32MX4. It uses one timer along with an output compare peripheral to produce a pulse-width modulated signal for an RCD style servo. This demonstration requires:
  • Cerebot board
  • Microchip's MPLAB Software Development Suite
  • USB A to micro B USB cable
  • Up to 8 Servo motors with 3-pin Futaba style connectors
DSD-0000268 11/20/09 Reference Designs Example design for a Robotic Starter Kit used in conjunction with a Cerebot 32MX4. This design will drive the RSK motors forward. Download
DSD-0000273 9/09/10 Reference Designs This document provides an example of how to use Microchip's TCP/IP stack using the Digilent Cerebot 32MX4 microcontroller board and the PmodNIC. Download
DSD-0000320 2/29/12 Product Documentation This zip file contains a library and MPLAB demo project for the PmodOLED. This project was made for MPLAB v8.83, targets the Cerebot MX4cK, and is written in C. Download
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