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Cerebot MX3cK
Note: The Cerebot MX3cK has been renamed to the chipKIT MX3.

The two boards are functionally equivalent - only the name is changing in order to merge with our growing family of Arduino™-compatible chipKIT products.

Support Documents:

Doc # Date Categories Description  
500-227 12/16/11 Product Documentation Cerebot MX3cK schematics Download
502-227 2/14/13 Product Documentation Cerebot MX3cK reference manual. Download
DSD-0000328 12/16/11 Demonstration Project This zip file contains a simple MPLAB demonstration project for the chipKIT MX3 / Cerebot MX3cK. This basic project blinks the LEDs on the board. Note: you will need a separate programming cable to use this project. Download
DSD-0000341 1/25/12 Product Documentation Programmer's Reference Manuals for the Digilent chipKIT DSPI and SoftSPI libraries for use with the chipKIT MPIDE software system. Download
DSD-0000342 1/25/12 Demonstration Project This simple example sketch for MPIDE blinks an LED on supported chipKIT boards. Download
DSD-0000343 1/25/12 Firmware chipKIT™ bootloader Image loaded into the chipKIT MX3 / Cerebot MX3cK's PIC32 microcontroller at the factory. Download
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