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Spartan-3 Board

Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA, 1000K gates
Three 40-pin expansion connectors
JTAG programmable with parallel or USB cables; on-board Platform Flash
  • Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA w/ twelve 18-bit multipliers, 216Kbits of block RAM, and up to 500MHz internal clock speeds
  • On-board 2Mbit Platform Flash (XCF02S)
  • 8 slide switches, 4 pushbuttons, 9 LEDs, and 4-digit seven-segment display
  • Serial port, VGA port, and PS/2 mouse/keyboard port
  • Three 40-pin expansion connectors
  • Three high-current voltage regulators (3.3V, 2.5V, and 1.2V)
  • Works with Digilent’s JTAG3, JTAG USB, and JTAG USB Full Speed cables, as well as P4 & MultiPRO cables from Xilinx
  • 1Mbyte on-board 10ns SRAM (256Kb x 32)
Please Note: The Spartan-3 Board is a legacy product and is no longer supported by Xilinx's newer tool sets. As a result we will no longer be producing the board, and once current stock is depleted there will be no more. The recommended replacement board is Nexys 4. You can also view our comparison tables or email

The Spartan-3 Starter Board provides a powerful, self-contained development platform for designs targeting the Spartan-3 FPGA from Xilinx. It features a 200K gate Spartan-3, on-board I/O devices, and 1MB fast asyncronous SRAM, making it the perfect platform to experiment with any new design, from a simple logic circuit to an embedded processor core.

The board also contains a Platform Flash JTAG-programmable ROM, so designs can easily be made non-volatile. The Spartan-3 Starter Board is fully compatible with all versions of the Xilinx ISE tools, including the free WebPack. The board ships with a power supply, and you can add a programming cable at checkout.

Support Documents:

Doc # Date Categories Description  
DSD-0000162 Product Documentation Spartan-3 Starter Kit Board Reference Manual Download
DSD-0000163 Product Documentation Spartan-3 Starter Kit Board Schematics Download
DSD-0000164 Demonstration Project Spartan-3 Starter Kit Board Verification Download
DSD-0000230 4/20/09 Reference Designs Alarm clock reference design for S3 board Download
DSD-0000231 4/20/09 Reference Designs MicroBlaze reference design for S3 board Download
DSD-0000233 4/20/09 Reference Designs BRAM Configuration reference design Download
DSD-0000234 4/20/09 Reference Designs PS2 Mouse Control reference component Download
DSD-0000235 4/20/09 Reference Designs PS2 Mouse Displayer reference component Download
DSD-0000238 4/20/09 Reference Designs RS232 interface reference component Download
DSD-0000239 4/20/09 Reference Designs Pulse-width modulation reference component Download
DSD-0000240 4/20/09 Reference Designs RS232 example reference design Download
DSD-0000241 4/20/09 Reference Designs VGA controller reference design Download
DSD-0000260 5/15/09 Reference Designs Adept I/O expansion reference design Download
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