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PmodAD5 - 4 channel 4.8 KHz 24 bit A/D converter

Analog Devices AD7193 4-Channel, 4.8 kHz, Ultralow Noise, 24-Bit Sigma-Delta ADC with PGA
  • Four differential analog inputs or eight pseudo-differential inputs
  • 24-bit resolution
  • SPI communication interface
  • Fast-settling filter
  • Five filter options
  • Conversion synchronization
  • Two SMA connector inputs
  • Ships with a 6" 6-pin cable and a 6-pin header
The PmodAD5 is a high resolution analog-to-digital converter built around the Analog Devices AD7193 Sigma-Delta ADC.

The PmodAD5 has ten analog inputs that correspond to eight data lines. The two SMA female connectors route to inputs one and two, while eight standard female header pins route to inputs one through eight.

Customers can set the PmodAD5 into single or continuous conversion mode. The PmodAD5 powers up by default in continuous conversion mode. You can set the mode to start a conversion by either writing to the appropriate registers or on the rising edge of SYNC.

Support Documents:

Doc # Date Categories Description  
500-243 3/29/13 Product Documentation PmodAD5 schematics. Download
502-243 3/29/13 Product Documentation PmodAD5 reference manual. Download
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