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PmodAD1 - Two 12-bit A/D inputs

Two Analog Devices AD7476 12-Bit, 1 MSPS, Low-Power A/D Converter
6-pin header and 6-pin socket
  • Two 2-pole Sallen-Key anti-alias filters
  • Two simultaneous A/D conversion channels at up to one MSa per channel
  • Very low power consumption
  • Small size (0.95" x 0.80")
  • Ships with a 6" 6-pin cable and a 6-pin header
The Analog to Digital Module Converter Board (the AD1) converts signals at a maximum sampling rate of one million samples per second, fast enough for the most demanding audio applications. The AD1 uses a 6-pin header connector, and at less than one square inch is small enough to be located at the signal source.

For datasheets, reference designs, and more, please visit
the Analog Devices wiki.

Support Documents:

Doc # Date Categories Description  
DSD-0000093 12/06/11 Product Documentation PmodAD1 Reference Manual Download
DSD-0000094 12/05/11 Product Documentation PmodAD1 Schematics Download
DSD-0000350 1/31/14 Demonstration Project This ADCSPI MPIDE library simplifies the initialization of the PmodAD1 and provides simple functions to read from the two channels of the on-board analog-to-digital converter. The included demo prints values read from one channel of the ADC. Download
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