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XC2XL Development Platform
Xilinx CoolRunner II CPLD (256 Macrocells) & XC9500 CPLD (72 Macrocells)
Six 2x20 right angle female sockets
JTAG programmable
  • A Xilinx CoolRunner-II XC2C256 CPLD in a TQ144 package
  • A Xilinx XC9572XL CPLD in a VQ44 package
  • JTAG ports to both CPLDs that can be independently enabled or disabled
  • Flexible power delivery using a wall-plug transformer, batteries, or external supplies
  • A socketed oscillator (1.8432MHz included; clocks up to 100+MHz can be used)
  • Full routing of all I/O signals from both CPLDs to expansion connectors
  • A button and two LEDs for basic I/O
  • Non-volatility – as with all Xilinx CPLDs, designs remain after power is removed
The XC2-XL circuit board is a self-contained development platform for CPLD-based designs. It contains two Xilinx CPLDs - a CoolRunner-II XC2C256, and an XC9572XL.

The XC2-XL is an ideal platform for gaining exposure to Xilinx CPLDs and the latest Xilinx CAD tools. It provides a JTAG programming circuit, power supplies, a clock source, and basic I/O devices, so circuits can be implemented immediately without the need for any other components.

All CPLD signals are brought to expansion connectors, so accessory circuits can be added to the on-board prototype area or attached via expansion boards. The XC2-XL is compatible with all versions of Xilinx CAD tools, including the free WebPack tools available at the Xilinx website. The XC2-XL ships with a power supply and programming cable, so designs can be implemented without any further costs.

Support Documents:

Doc # Date Categories Description  
DSD-0000017 Product Documentation XC2XL Reference Manual Download
DSD-0000018 Product Documentation XC2XL Schematics Download
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